Product Overview

High quality, aqueous dispersions and emulsions
for latex foam, latex rubber, adhesives and coatings.

Popular Products

The following is a listing of our most popular products. If you do not see what you want, just ask. Chances are that we have made it before. If not, we’d be happy to discuss it!

Product Advantages

  • Manufacturing plant is ISO 9001 with Design
  • Particle size analysis by laser diffraction technology
  • State of the art manufacturing & testing equipment
  • Product development & latex expertise available
  • Custom Services for your chemical additives
  • Sampling program available
  • Large volume discounts available
  • Finer particle size means less ingredients could be added to formulation.
  • High solids, high activity.
  • Applications in medical gloves, condoms, latex tubing, adhesives, coatings as well as solid rubber products.