Akron Dispersions Address

Akron Dispersions
3291 Sawmill Road
P.O. Box 4195
Akron, Ohio 44321

330-666-7842 Fax

Office Directory

Michael Giustino

Phone: 330-666-0045

Joe Giustino

E-mail: jgiustino@akrondispersions.com
Phone: 330-576-1390

Kayley Fishel-Hayat, Ph.D.
Vice President of Business Development & Technology

E-mail: kfishel-hayat@akrondispersions.com
Phone: 330-576-1373

Jack Murphy
Global Account Manager

E-mail: jmurphy@akrondispersions.com
Phone: 330-576-1379

Cameron Schultz
Quality and Lab Manager

E-mail: cschultz@akrondispersions.com
Phone: 330-576-1372

MaryBeth Andrews
Customer Service

E-mail: mbandrews@akrondispersions.com
Phone: 330-576-1371

Kelley Price
Logistics Specialist

E-mail: kprice@akrondispersions.com
Phone: 330-576-1375

Kate Ungashick
Administrative Manager

E-mail: kungashick@akrondispersions.com Phone: 330-576-1378


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