Latex formulations are typically designed using a wide variety of chemical ingredients, i.e. accelerators, activators, antioxidants, etc. These materials are added to the latex, during compounding, as separate waterbased dispersions.

At Akron Dispersions, we can combine many of these ingredients into a single Masterbatch.
A Masterbatch dispersion can offer you some significant advantages, namely:

Reduced number of Stock Keeping Units required

Improved material control

Improved accuracy of additions

Reduced compounding time

Particle size uniformity assured

Improved product consistency

Bostex 805 - Cure dispersion for polychloroprene latex
(Neoprene, Bay Pren)

Bostex 827 - Cure dispersion for natural latex PDS MSDS

Bostex 590 - Cure dispersion for SBR latex PDS MSDS

Bostex 817 - Cure dispersion for acrylonitrile latex PDS MSDS

Bostex 830 - Cure dispersion for natural/SBR latex foam PDS MSDS